Curriculum Components

Busy Buddies

Early Learning Center, LLC

Busy Buddies provides full curriculum year round. Curriculum is developed by the active learning approach and guided by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Children's work and learning are hands on learning experiences through materials provided, the environment, nature, and working with others. Curriculum components include:

Art: Hands on meaningful art that is unique to each individual child. Art is about the process not the finished product. Art is a natural result of what the children do on their own when ideas and stimulation is provided

Dramatic Play: Children are demonstrating role playing through social and emotional development. Children mirror and model their environment and surroundings. They are socializing and imagining through play. Items in this area are routinely changed to encourage children’s play to be a variety of different types.

Documentation and Display: Documenting children's work, art, play, and experiences are important pieces of our everyday. We capture the process of their experiences and recognize the work that went into them. Finished master pieces are displayed for further admiring.

Group Time: Group time is the core learning time for the curriculum/theme. This is a time where as a large group the children dip into the theme through songs, finger plays, magnet board stories, felt board stories, rhymes, music, activities, books, discussions, and sharing. This is also the time where a guest, speaker, or enrichment teacher would come.

Geography and Culture:  When in the geography and culture unit; children explore different types of homes, food, music, architecture, and landmarks.

Library: Books are always out for children to read alone, with friends, or be read to. Books are always interchanged for new interest. It’s the place for children to go be alone, take a break, rest or have some quiet time.

Math and Manipulatives: Math is used in various different areas. In the math area the children count, categorize, organize, sort, patterns, matching, recognizing numbers and concepts.

Morning Meeting: As a group the children welcome each other, share any stories or news, talk about the weather, day of the week, month, calendar, season, and upcoming events.

Music and Movement: Between background play music and group time singing, music is a big part of the day. In the music center are also different noise makers for children to explore and find out the different sounds and rhythms. Movement includes various different kinds of dancing, moving, stretching, and balance.

Self Help Skills: Being independent is a learning skill at Busy Buddies. Toys, objects, and materials are at children’s level where they are able to help themselves during free choice time. This teaches them how to be independent with what they choose to do, as well as putting it back away when they choose to be done. Self Help is emphasized throughout the day. Children serve themselves, pour, scoop, clear their snacks and meals, etc. To the children, their self help skills are exciting and accomplishing success!

Science and Sensory: Nature, inventions, and creations are provided for children to explore. Many discussions and observation projects take part in science and sensory. Through sensorial experiences, children learn through touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling. In the sensory table there may be water, sand, corn bits or snow, depending on the theme. Sensory is incorporated in multiple different learning areas daily.